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Major is disposed to reduce them to four if not to fewer species.
He allows the widely - ranging S. scrofa, S. vittatus, and the
eastern Malayan S. verrtteosits and S. barbatus.

The Pygmy Hog of the Bhotans seems to be not entitled to
specific rank, certainly not to generic (in the opinion of some),
though It has been termed Porcula, salvaniaJ1 The Wild Boar of

FIG. 142. — Pygmy Hog (from Future).-    Sus salvania.     x £.

Europe is &w scrqfa. It was formerly quite abundant in this
country ; not merely are its remains exhumed from fens, caves
and peat bogs, but there is ample evidence of its continuance
down to a comparatively late historic period. Enactments are
on record as to the hunting of these animals ; there are places^
such as Boarstall, whose names are clearly derived from the
name of the animal, presumably once a native of the locality :
axul various documents all show the presence of the Wild Boai
s Dr. ftwrscra, h*s investigated its anatomy, Proc. Zool. $oc. 1883, p. 413, and
from $*« av» " imim|>ortant and few,1'